DuckDuckGo strong privacy features deliver a billion searches a month

DuckDuckGo800x450Image: DuckDuckGo

As of 2021, DuckDuckGo did 75+ billion searches. Their daily record currently sits nicely at 104 million.

That might not be much by Google standards, but it's hella impressive if you are going against the big G.

The now 120+ people company started with humble beginnings. While most were figuring out what the hell subprime mortgages are, Gabriel Weinberg was busy launching his self-funded startup in 2008.

This little duckling has positioned itself brilliantly: with privacy at its core. When you search on DuckDuckGo, the site does not collect or share any of your personal information like search, browsing, or purchase history.

Instead, they make money from private ads. The now profitable company has done 23+ billion searches in 2020 alone 😳

Sometimes picking the biggest and most known Goliath of your industry is a good way to tell your own story.

DuckDuckGo is not the only example of highlighting its difference:

It's a brilliant move because most will know and recognize the Goliath of the industry and if people are looking for alternatives, your message will resonate clearly.

Picking the biggest competitor is not a requirement either. Most SaaS companies will list comparison pages (eg: "/competitor-alternative") that are not only good for SEO but are convincing enough for users to consider switching.

Malcolm Gladwell was right, it is an art of battling giants. And it can pay off nicely.

Action Steps:

  • Who's your biggest competitor? If it's just one and well-known, can you tell your story by showing how you're the complete opposite?

  • Consider creating landing pages that will rank well when people search for your competitor's alternatives.

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