Grammarly's opportunities in the world of textareas

Grammarly800x450Image: Grammarly

In the world of content marketers and GPT-3, Grammarly surely does know how to fit in.

Started in 2009 by 3 Ukrainians, its 500+ employees are figuring out how to help 30M users write better every day.

They have all the usual tools you'd expect:

  • a website dashboard where you can write

  • a mobile app where you can write

  • and a browser plugin where ...well you get it

What's a bit unusual though is Grammarly's CTA: It encourages you to install the browser extension first, and create an account second.

Why would they do that?

It could have something to do with this statistic: up to 96% of your site's visitors will never return to your website. Even out of those that create an account, a lot will never log back in.

For Grammarly, it makes a lot of sense to do its magic where the users already are: the browser.

Lesson learned: go where your customers are. The rest can wait.

Action Steps:

  • Check if a browser extension can be a part of your growth strategy.

  • Analyze where your customers spend most of the time: web, mobile, extensions, desktop. Lean into that.

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