How Coda's epic case studies are optimized for growth

Coda800x450Image: Coda

This fast-growing doc SaaS that raised $60M in 2017 knows how to tell a good story.

Check out this article by Yuhki Yamashita:

The tl&dr on it is how Figma does meetings and product planning with Coda. From the product perspective, it's a perfect example of how to do content marketing right:

  • The title "An inside look at how Figma ships product" signals exclusivity

  • The article is a doc written in Coda 🤯

  • It links to other helpful docs in Coda that when clicked, prompt you to create an account.

  • The CTA at the bottom offers free docs to use in your projects, with a prompt to create an account.

  • The share links appear only when you've already started scrolling/reading the article.

And a few bonus rounds:

  • No date on the article, so it's easier for it to be evergreen.

  • No typical website footer/logos/etc that can distract you from CTA.

There are so many optimizations here, no wonder the page ranks highly on Google.

Is there an emoji for slow clapping..? 🐌👏

Action Steps:

  • Find customers to do case studies with.

  • Is it possible to do dogfooding with your product?

  • Check the CTAs on your landing pages to make sure they're all aligned to do one thing.

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