How Descript is using stunning video to empower its product

Descript800x450Image: Descript

Descript nailed showing what their product is about. 💯

The muted video that is auto-playing on their homepage is staring you right in the face as you open the website. It's colorful, funny, and in case you haven't noticed — reeeally well done.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case, a video is worth a new customer.

Check it out. It's worth it.

Andrew Mason was working on Detour - an audio walking tour app, back in 2017, when he realized this internal audio tour production tool could be its own thing.

After a $50M investment from a16z and a few others, this 40 people company is going all in.

And we're all for it.

I want my podcasts nice and tidy. 😇

Action Steps:

  • See if making an intro or explainer video makes sense for your product.

  • Check what sections of your landing pages could be accompanied by short videos or gifs to get the point across faster.

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