How Flodesk unique affiliate signatures got them to $5M ARR

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Flodesk is an email marketing tool with a simple goal: to design emails that people love to open.

With this clever tagline in one hand and a well-polished product that their customers won't shut up about 😂 in the other, this bootstrapper has brought in a cool $5M just in the first year.

Let's break down one of the tactics Flodesk has optimized the hell out of - the begrudgingly annoying "made by x" signature you often stumble upon.

We've all seen these tiny advertisements clinging to emails, landing pages, and embedded widgets; it's a no-brainer for companies whose products you can embed: not only are you letting other potential customers be reminded of your name, but you're getting an additional backlink.

But they're usually not exactly sexy.

So customers either have to pretend to turn a blind eye or worse: upgrade to the white-label option 😡

Flodesk has made the experience more pleasant:

  • They've worked with their customers to figure out the most unintrusive design. The result: a monotone "Made with love in Flodesk" image in the footer of the email that doesn't take away from the content.

  • Perhaps even more important, the link applies a 50% discount to both parties: a new customer and your account. This is an easy sell for their customers: they don't have to feel bad about inviting new users because they both get a discount.

  • The final piece of the puzzle is the dedicated dashboard for tracking their invites + the success kit: a collection of images and copywriting that is ready to make you the go-to expert in email marketing among your friends.

As you can see, the time investment and development given just to this feature alone is impressive enough.

The results speak for themselves - Flodesk users can't get enough.

You can't search for "flodesk reviews" without stumbling on the army of Flodesk customers preaching about the service.

Bravo, I'm a believer.

Action Steps:

  • Are you able to apply a made by x or created by x signature anywhere in your product?

  • Can you tie a user's affiliate link to the email signature to incentivize them to share more?

  • Can you make a custom dashboard for your users so they can track their referral signups?

  • Do you have a custom success or press kit to make it easier for others to talk about you?

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