The refreshingly simple marketing of Muzzle

Muzzle800x450Image: Muzzle

If you haven't visited Muzzle's homepage, check it out.

This nifty Mac app, created by Bryan Jones, silences notifications while you're screen sharing.

But it's the way it presents itself that instantly puts a smile on your face.

The homepage is a live preview of the kind of trouble you can run into while giving a presentation.

It's an amazing marketing opportunity and people love it.

Bryan is no stranger to comedy (scroll down to the reviews section for his other project CodeKit).

Muzzle is not the only example of humor as a marketing tactic: Fibery, a tool for creating workspaces, went as far as creating a completely fake homepage for their product (here's the real one).

Sometimes it pays off to be goofy 🤪

Action Steps:

  • Can your brand support a humorous style?

  • Where can you adjust your copy and design to create amusing content?

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